KRJ is once again the great winner at CPFL’s awards event

KRJ is again the great winner in an awards event of the best suppliers of the CPFL Energia Group in the “Modality: More Value 2018 Award” held on February 22nd.

The CPFL Energia Group is one of the largest and most important energy groups in Brazil that operates in the distribution, generation and commercialization of electricity and value added services segments. In the distribution segment, through 9 companies, CPFL is the leader with a 14.3% market share in Brazil, serving 9.1 million customers. In electric power generation, it is the third largest private agent in the country.

For us this award, besides pride, reflects the recognition of quality and dedication to meeting the deadlines and reinforce KRJ as one of the most important companies in the energy segment.

Congratulations to the entire KRJ team!