Wedge connectors

PT aluminum bond

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PT connectors are available in six different series, known as PT10, PT40, PT35, PT33, PT55 and PT79. That may be applied to copper or aluminum, solid or corded conductors ranging from 13mm² to 470mm². And they are identified by their identification colors to electricians and users in general:

Red  –  PT10
Blue  –  PT40 and PT35
Yellow  –  PT33, PT55 and PT79

Colors are also indications of the respective application shells to be used during installation.

Thanks to its electrical mechanical project PT connectors show a great technical reliability with a minimum loss, due to its concept of connection by spring effect.
The main rules used in projects and connectors lab performance tests are NBR-9326, NBR 11788 (reference), ASTM B545, ASTM B154, ASTM B117, ANSI C119.4-2004.
PT connectors are made of aluminum bond with and electrical conductivity compatible to the conductors connected to them besides mechanical features adequate to the concept of spring connection.

They are usually applicable to solid or corded aluminum connectors and have the anti-oxide wax as a regular supply on compounds assembled to the connector and an electrical contact protection against corrosion. PT connectors may be used in bimetallic connections. In that case connection life will be limited to the environmental conditions of the place where the connection is accomplished.

Aluminum bond PT connectors are not indicated to copper x copper combinations.

PT connectors are easily removable and do not affect the structure of the conductors they are connected to.