Piercing Connector for Spacer Cable

Designed in Brazil
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Developed in order to attend a need connecting Spacer Cable derivations in medium voltage of 15, 25 and 35kV without the need for stripping or reconstitution of the insulation coverage and can be installed on connections hot line.

Consist of two main polymeric components, cap and base. the first component has the function of housing the compensation spring of stainless steel. the second maintains the alignment and accommodating cables during application. To fix cables and electrical conduction are used busbars metallics in tinned copper alloy, piercing type. Under the busbars, the compensation spring maintains a constant contact pressure of the teeth of the busbars on the wire in the conductors. Insulation piercing + Spring Effect. Application ranging from 35mm² to 300mm². Additional information may be obtained from our Technical Product Specification.