Wedge connectors PTB

In aluminum bond with superficial finishing

Designed in Brazil
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PTB connectors are available in three different series known as PTB 10, PTB 40 and PTB 350 that may be applied to solid or corded, aluminum or copper conductors ranging from 13mm2 to 185mm2 and they can be identified by the colors that characterize them to technicians and users in general:

Red  –  PTB 10
Blue  –  PTB 40 and PTB 350

Their colors also indicate their respective application shell to be used during installation. Due to their electric-mechanical project, PTB connectors show a great electric reliability with minimal loss, thanks to the concept of spring effect connection.
The main rules used to the project, as well as to lab connectors performance tests are: NBR-9326, NBR 11788 (reference), ASTM B545, ASTM B117 (saline mist test 1000h), ANSI C119.4 – 2004.

PTB connectors are manufactured in aluminum bond with an electric conductivity compatible to the conductors connected to them.

PTB connectors receive a superficial finishing that inhibits galvanic corrosion, which allows connections to copper conductors. Such connections have a good performance during connector’s life under practical application environmental conditions to which they are submitted.

They are normally applicable to aluminum or copper, solid or corded conductors and have anti-oxide wax as a regular supplying on connector’s assembled compounds that is responsible for cleaning oxides during connector’s application and also for protection the electric contact against corrosion. PTB connectors may be used to bimetallic connections.

PTB connectors are easily removed without affecting the structure of the conductors to which they were connected. Furthermore, due to the great reliability of our metallic shells regarding failures, we are able to supply the connector and shell set into the same packaging, what generates unit cost reduction, as well as gains in stock administration.

Include suffix “/C” to the end of connector’s code to request that option.
Example wedge connectors to AAC 1/0 AWG cables with derivations AAC 1/0 AWG is PTB4001 and for metallic shell request it is PTB4001/C.
Dimensions and tolerances follow our design number 580.954. For further information check our Product Specification ETE-004.