Wedge connectors Kara

Symmetric and asymmetric series

Designed in Brazil
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KARA connectors are available in 10 different types – 6 from the Symmetrical and 4 from the Asymmetrical series, which may be applied to copper or aluminum, solid or corded conductors ranging from 1,5mm2 to 120 mm2.
The 10 types of connectors are presented as follows, with their respective color codes that characterize them to electricians and users in general.Thanks to their electric mechanical project that highlights the concept of connection by spring effect and the features of the materials used in their manufacturing KARA connectors assure a great electric reliability with a lower power loss during their working time to users.( due to the equivalent copper electric section that is inherent to “C” and “Wedge”).Spring effect is provoked when “C” and “Wedge” compounds deform as they are mechanically requested during connector’s application and start to act as springs, pressing the conductors connected to them with a constant strength, guaranteeing connection for several years.

KARA connectors went through critical electrical tests which used power values corresponding to the biggest copper conductors admitted by the connectors.
The main standards used for project and lab connectors performance tests are: NBR-9326, NBR 5370 (reference), ASTM B545, ASTM B117, ANSI C119.4-2004.
“C” and “Wedge” compounds that form KARA connector are manufactured with copper bond with mechanical and electrical features compatible to the requirements the connector will be submitted to in real conditions in field or in lab simulations.
Its nickel and tin double superficial finishing and the anti oxide wax in both compounds make KARA connectors to show a high resistance to corrosion in critical environment conditions, regardless the type of conductor used in the connection, either copper or aluminum.

KARA connectors were dimensionally created taking the ergonomic aspects in field application into consideration, what gives an enormous easiness in handling tools.
Other important feature is the optimization of the equivalent types used in the market.
“C” and “Wedge” compounds are individually marked, making it easier to identify them after they are taken out from their packaging.

Dimensions and tolerances follow our design number 580.958.

Check our Product Specification
ETE -028 for further information.