KRJ at FIEE 2023

With products presented within an integration concept in order to offer energy distributors differentiated solutions, we consider our participation in this 60th edition of FIEE, which took place between July 18th and 21st, in São Paulo, to be extremely positive. “Our solutions are always very well received by the visiting public, however, in this edition we highlighted the launch of our connector model for photovoltaic panels, the KSE K4, which complements our portfolio in a segment that is a little different from what we are used to and in which we are consolidated, which is distributed generation”, explained Marcelo Mendes, general manager of the company, when commenting on the positive and expressive results obtained during the 4 days of the event.


KRJ Celebrates 20 Years

The celebration took place on August 22 at an event attended by its partners and employees.
Marcelo Mendes, general manager, emphasized the company's history since its birth and the many changes and challenges that occurred during this period. He highlighted the company's DNA for innovation, which continues to invest in new product lines and its ability to reinvent itself, seeking to operate in new segments with safe and constant steps, endorsing its mission to innovate and project its future.

KRJ receives trophy in the Power Award

For the third consecutive time the company has earned this honor and this year has been awarded the “Remote application device for KARP connector with stirrup”

KRJ, an industry that has been innovating in electrical connections for over 15 years, has won the Silver Award for technological innovation from the Power Award in the category ‘Wires and cables, power lines, connection systems and accessories’. The event, whose award ceremony took place on October 24, is a realization of HMNews Editora e Eventos, with the exclusive promotion of Potência Magazine.

The award ceremony brought together 150 people at Novotel Center Norte, including businessmen, association leaders, trade unions and professionals in the electrical sector. “This award recognizes our hard work and effort in developing innovative solutions for the electrical segment, this is the third consecutive time we have received it, which confirms the company’s DNA of innovation,” said Roberto Karam Jr., Commercial Director, KRJ.

The Evaluation Committee was made up of 13 professionally recognized professionals in the electrical and lighting areas. The judgment was based on the basics: Initial Criterion, which assessed safety aspects and compliance with current standards, Evaluation of the Item’s Innovation Rating, Innovation Impact Assessment, Incremental Innovation, Radical Innovation, and Disruptive Innovation. item was the sum of all the grades awarded by the committee members corresponding to the total of the subscribed item.

KRJ participates first Energy Tech Brasil conference

KRJ, in partnership with key players in the electricity sector, presented its products with solutions and innovations to an important and select public, namely the purchasing and engineering professionals of the South, Southeast, Midwest electric power distribution cooperatives, including the presence of a cooperative from the Northeast of Brasil. The event was held at the Marambaia Hotel & Conventions, in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina on October 22, 23 and 24, and led to the creation of an excellent network of relationships with these opinion makers that were not for this Energy Tech conference Brasil, they would hardly be reunited in the same event.

15 Years of life

KRJ, celebrated last August 26, 15 years of activities.

To celebrate the occasion, a dinner with the presence of employees, suppliers and partners marked the celebration.

Roberto Karam Jr., director of the company said that the history of KRJ these 15 years was too much overcome to achieve their goals, and today, the feeling is that all the effort really worth it.

“At unconditional respect for all members of this company and especially for honesty and consideration always present, came together wish a happy birthday!”, He said during the celebration.

And he added: “May this year be a lot more impasses overturned, more goals achieved and much more victories achieved!”

Congratulations to 15 years completed and that the coming years will be even better!

KRJ invest in social responsibility and company partnership with abrale

he KRJ , traditional Brazilian company engaged in the field of electrical connectors , is the new partner of ABRALE (Brazilian Association of Lymphoma and Leukemia ), to contribute financially to the work of the association , with the donation of a fixed monthly amount .

The partner companies that contribute to ABRALE are certified by the association with the label ” invest in Life ” , created in partnership with FIESP (Federation of Industries of São Paulo State ) , to recognize companies that invest in health in Brazil either financially , donating products or services or sponsoring and supporting events and programs of the association . By certifying partner companies , the label also aims to encourage them to continue to contribute and encourage other empresar to participate in social projects .

” The KRJ believes in the importance of social responsibility of each company , so for us it is a great pleasure to contribute to this valuable work done by ABRALE . By investing in social projects , especially in the area of ​​health, we are offering our share of collaboration to improve the quality of life , “said Roberto Karam Jr., Director Commercial Officer of KRJ .

The ABRALE , nonprofit institution , was established in 2002 with the mission of providing help and mobilize partners to ensure that all people with blood cancer in Brazil ( lymphoma , leukemia , multiple myeloma , myelodysplasia and PTI ) have access to the best possible treatment . Today is an important and respected association , acting based on four key pillars : information, education , public policy and support to patients and families through multidisciplinary teams.