KRJ receives trophy in the Power Award

For the third consecutive time the company has earned this honor and this year has been awarded the “Remote application device for KARP connector with stirrup”

KRJ, an industry that has been innovating in electrical connections for over 15 years, has won the Silver Award for technological innovation from the Power Award in the category ‘Wires and cables, power lines, connection systems and accessories’. The event, whose award ceremony took place on October 24, is a realization of HMNews Editora e Eventos, with the exclusive promotion of Potência Magazine.

The award ceremony brought together 150 people at Novotel Center Norte, including businessmen, association leaders, trade unions and professionals in the electrical sector. “This award recognizes our hard work and effort in developing innovative solutions for the electrical segment, this is the third consecutive time we have received it, which confirms the company’s DNA of innovation,” said Roberto Karam Jr., Commercial Director, KRJ.

The Evaluation Committee was made up of 13 professionally recognized professionals in the electrical and lighting areas. The judgment was based on the basics: Initial Criterion, which assessed safety aspects and compliance with current standards, Evaluation of the Item’s Innovation Rating, Innovation Impact Assessment, Incremental Innovation, Radical Innovation, and Disruptive Innovation. item was the sum of all the grades awarded by the committee members corresponding to the total of the subscribed item.