KRJ participates in FISE International Fair of the Electric Sector

Through an intermediary of a joint venture with the Brazilian Association of Electrical and Electronic Industry (ABINEE) and the Brazilian Export Promotion and Investment Agency (APEX), KRJ participates in the FISE International Fair of the Electric Sector. The FISE fair is a commercial exhibition, biennial of the electric industry, carried out in Medellín in Colombia since 2006, in which all the companies of the national and international chain of the electric industry meet. FISE fair is an ideal platform to promote and renew strategic alliances that allow for the strengthening and strengthening of two businesses in the medium and long term and with a great promise for all of Latin America.

During the fair, Brazilian companies will have the opportunity to export their products and services, participate in a business trip, visit the main non-country players and include guided tours in Feira. The executive of KRJ, Marcelo Mendes and engineer Eduardo Hirano, who participated in the event, will report on the realization of several new and promising new merchants who will contribute to the expansion of a non-international company.

KRJ consolidates presence in Vietnamese market

KRJ is steadfast in developing actions in Southeast Asia. After celebrating its first supply to Vietnam, it consolidates its presence in after sales action in this important and promising market. During various visits and presentations, he received excellent feedback on the performance of the products provided.

With a population of 90 million, Vietnam is one of the most prominent countries in Southeast Asia, with an average growth of 6% per year, with its GDP jumping from $ 57 billion in 2005 to $ 185 billion in 2014, including receiving a recent positive assessment from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which estimates that Vietnam will be one of the 25 largest economies in the world over the next ten years.

Connector Industry KRJ participates in BIEL Light + Building – Argentina – for new business and market expansion

Through a mission in partnership with the Brazilian Electrical and Electronic Industry Association (ABINEE) and the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX), the commercial manager of the KRJ connector industry, Marcelo Mendes, participated in BIEL Light + Building at Argentina. It is a trade show dedicated to the electronics and lighting industry and brings together cutting-edge technologies in electrical products and services. It is also the industry’s leading business center and where trends are set. KRJ has exhibited its product line and launches.


The event is exclusive to business professionals in the industry. According to the organizers, the participants were able to have an overview of the market situation, information related to the sector first hand, and the latest news. The event promoters also planned a broad program of academic activities and interesting product demonstrations. KRJ executive Marcelo Mendes said he made new business contacts to expand his company in the international market. 

KRJ achieves positive results with new line of piercing connectors launched at FIEE Smart Future

“In the pursuit of innovation, the design of the Universal Piercing Connector – KPB connector has as a differential, besides its ‘spring effect’ in the connection, a significant reduction in the probability of selection errors and, consequently, also the failure rate in the ”explains Roberto Karam Júnior, Commercial Director of KRJ, when he launched the product at FIEE Smart Future, a fair that took place in July 2019 and concluded a new technological phase for the company.

According to KRJ Commercial Director, the project stands out with the innovation of busbar balance, which realizes the spring effect on the connection and the broader application range of its models that reduces the amount of items to be selected by the operational team. . With these technological improvements, Karam estimates the turnover of this line to be over one million pieces in the first year of release, and informs that at FIEE, among the line of connectors, the KPB had 50% demand in relation to the others.

During the fair, the KARP piercing connector also had a special highlight, this line integrates the family of compact network piercing connectors. Its development has the function of attending shunt connections in 15, 25 and 35kV protected medium voltage networks, without the need for stripping or recomposition of the conductor cover, with the stirrup as an option for safety grounding or for connection to the transformer.

According to Roberto Karam Júnior, participating in the 30th edition of FIEE Smart Future was very fruitful, as they were able to present their innovations in electrical connection, obtain information and share at the same time, and strengthen relationships with those more distant customers.